1. To continue with our series of interviews with some of the performers to be on stage during The 3rd Annual New York Boylesque Festival this time we bring you the sexy and furry Brewster “He puts the Burly in Burlesque”

    Introduce yourself in a few words.

    I’m a cheese loving oenophilic male burlesque performer.

    What’s your favorite thing about performing burlesque and why?

    I love that burlesque gives the performer full creative license and an enthusiastic accepting crowd.  Very few people get that opportunity.

    What’s your signature on stage?

    I create a narrative of some sort with each act, and add in political commentary or artistic references.  And rhinestones. - #bedazzlethatshit

    Has anything embarrassing has happened to you while performing?

    I dislocated my knee onstage and fell… had to pop it back in on the floor.  Luckily the crowd was drunk and I managed to finish the act, so it all worked out. - That sounds horrible! 

    What do you like to do for fun when you’re not performing?

    I enjoy searching out and meeting people who have something to contribute.  Artists, cheese makers, activists, architects, vintners.  People who create usually have a great perspective to share, and know how to enjoy themselves.

    Which item of clothing in your closet gets most wear and why? 

    I usually pick a favorite pair of sneakers and wear them to death.  Is that too boring of an answer?  Should I say my codpiece? - LOL That’s a great answer but if you ever need help washing those codpieces let me know! ;) 

    What is your favorite part of your body and what do you like the least?

    Hahaha I love all the parts of my body.  That’s why I like to share them onstage. - Thank God.  And we are not complaining… Please continue showing that furrylicious body!

    Isn’t he adorable? Make sure to follow Brewster on INSTAGRAM. 

    TO GET TICKETS TO THE THIRD ANNUAL NEW YORK BOYLESQUE FESTIVAL APRIL 25-26, 2014 @ DROM VISIT http://www.nyboylesquefestival.com/

    Photo Credit: Eli Schmidt

  2. The 3rd Annual New York Boylesque Festival is just around the corner and to give you a glimpse of what you’re going to see this year, we present you a series of interviews with some of the performers

    First in line, all the way from Finland we have Sir Willy Waterlily. 

    Introduce yourself in a few words.

    My name is Sir Willy Waterlily, a boylesque performer from Porvoo, Finland. I’m ‘The Powerhouse of Entertainment’ and you can also call me the Duke of Finnish boylesque.

    What’s the story behind your stage name?

    Oh my, that was a rocky road. I started creating it well before making my first performance. I wanted the name to have something in common with my real name, something funny, something sparkling and something noble. So I ended up with “prefix” SIR. Then came WILLY - as a first name it looks good, sounds good, feels good :D and is funny (for us noblemen it’s so much easier to speak about willie than say the word penis, oh lord! did I really write that here…) My real surname is Swedish which can be translated in english ‘rapid flower’ and turned in to ‘water lily’. Voilà! Sir Willy Waterlily - and it even rhymes nicely. - Indeed it does! 

    How many outfits do you have?

    For my acts I have 10 total outfits and then there are numerous other outfits for my character to appear in public. Most of my outfits I make myself trying to use recycled materials and pieces of garments that can be fixed into something else than the original purpose.

    What do you think influences or inspires your performance on stage?

    My inspiration comes from varied directions - a piece of music, a sculpture, recognizable character, picture I’ve seen, happenings in my own life… For me it is also extremely important to create visual overall look on stage, to give my audience a full experience and entertainment the way they deserve. And last but not least - personal contact to my audience. If I can’t make it or if it is lost then I screw it up. Contact and communication is my glass of wine.

    What’s your favorite thing about performing burlesque and why?

    I just love burlesque for it’s freedom! There is no limits, no ready-made way of doing things. And I have had the feeling this whole burlesque community is so openminded and receptive. 
    About building a new act I just love the possibility to use all my existing skills and knowledge - even exceed them. Music, theater, dress-making, visual elements and effects, dancing, story telling, acting & performing have always been close to my heart. Burlesque world is a perfect place to bring all this together and touch other people by performing on stage.

    A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?

    Daydreaming :) and smoking :( 

    Tell us something boring about you…

    Boring? Me? Hope not! :D I use hand knitted, woolen socks with holes on them while home. That’s not boring, that’s cute and it works! 

    Want to know more about Sir Willy Waterlily check out his website HERE and follow him on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 

    TO GET TICKETS TO THE THIRD ANNUAL NEW YORK BOYLESQUE FESTIVAL APRIL 25-26, 2014 @ DROM VISIT http://www.nyboylesquefestival.com/

    Photo Credit: Alejandro Lorenzo

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  6. Some early career photos- did you know i started out doing burlesque shows?? They were called “Daddy’s Chicken” and as you can see, the flyers were filthy. Good times.

  7. I did a party with the Saint at Large- see pics from in- in like 2005

  8. Years ago, I took my underwear party (2004 i think) to Boysroom on Ave A for a short spell~ hilarity ensued.

  9. Years ago, I took my underwear party (2004 i think) to Boysroom on Ave A for a short spell~ hilarity ensued.

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